Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Our customers

Some of our clients are:

  • Installation of Enterprise Qmail
  • Creation of a Perl driver to manage e-mail accounts
  • Setup monitoring of running services
  • Development of Qmail clustering solution
  • Creation of a system-wide customer notifying tool

  • Migration from Sendmail to Qmail
  • Setup of Apache/PHP/Mysql
  • Fine-tuning of the hotel-reservation system
  • Creation of an Affiliate system for reservations
  • Ongoing system administration & monitoring

  • Installation of a Qmail cluster
  • Migration of customer to G-Tech facilities
  • 100% managed services by G-Tech
  • 2 400 000 SPAM e-mails blocked per month

  • Installation of several Qmail servers
  • Creation of custom PHP scripts
  • Server monitoring

  • Installation of a redundant Qmail array
  • Setup of Apache/MySQL
  • Monitoring of servers and services